Design System

The Benefits and Business Risks of a Design System

Luca Cioria, co-founder of buildo, talks about the benefits and business risks of implementing a Design System.

Thanks to his extensive experience in the field, in this video Luca guides us through what he learned about how a Design System can improve the efficiency and consistency of a company's design and development process, introducing the possible strategies to follow for its correct implementation, while avoiding potential pitfalls.

Video fast navigation:

00:00 - Luca Cioria introduces himself
00:54 - What are the advantages of a Design System?
03:55 - How do you implement a Design System?
08:42 - Bento DS, an adaptable Design System
09:12 - Buildo and the experience about Design Systems
10:40 - How to choose the right strategy for your company?

Luca Cioria
Entrepreneur in the Software and Tech business with 10+ years of experience running a software product development firm. Currently focused on empowering our team to reach our vision of quality, working with customers and partners in Italy, Europe, and the USA.

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