Software that fits

Tailor-made digital solutions for your business

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What we do

We are a software factory, and we take care of all-round software solutions from requirements gathering to development and production.

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We collect project requirements
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We support our customer in production and change management
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We code the system

Who we work with

We work with mid-market and large international enterprises.
Our focus is on complex web applications having a high business impact.
Our domain expertise ranges from healthcare and banking to growth-stage startups.

Engineering for Digital
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Healthcare and Life Science
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Sharing innovation

We share innovation with our customer by continuously innovating our company.

20% of our time is allocated to research and development, following a model of continuous improvement.

We have a startup mentality, we love product development and working with cutting edge technologies.

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About us

We're a cross-functional and self-organized team of software engineers and designers, focused on delivering high-quality custom software.

We were born as a technical team for start-ups, and our goal now is to bring innovation to the enterprise and solve complex challenges.

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