What we do

We implement all-round software solutions from requirements gathering to development and production

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We collect project requirements
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We code the system
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We support our customer in production and change management

How we do it

Our cross functional team works in close collaboration with stakeholders and final users to build the product that most fits your needs. We take care of the whole software development life cycle following a design thinking process.


We carefully select a small set of proven technologies to develop all our applications.
We use Scala for our backend development, and React for web UIs, which are reliable and scalable technologies for large applications.

All our web applications are cloud-first, and we specialize in AWS, the Amazon cloud platform. We also deploy on-premise solutions for our enterprise customers.

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Maintenance and Evolution

Production Support
We provide long term support on production for both on-premise and cloud solutions.
Our Service Level Agreements (SLA) guarantee quick intervention to issues or requests.
Technological Sustainability
We use a robust and carefully selected technological stack for which we have proven production experience.
We follow a sustainable approach to build innovative yet stable solutions that can be effectively evolved over time.