Our values, co-created with our team, reflect how we live in buildo. We foster a culture of trust and respect among colleagues, embrace flexibility and freedom, and pursue improvement and growth, with an unwavering focus on happiness and the quality of our work.

A great mix

Below you can find our team's perspectives on our core values. These values arise from the daily behaviors exhibited by everyone at Buildo and reflect how the founders envisioned and developed the company alongside all its members.

We refer to our values in many moments, as an example, when we are looking for new builders to join us or when we collaborate to grow as people, a team, and a company.

Trust and respect

We believe that when you have trust in the people around you, there's no need for further specifications. Trust is the foundation of a healthy workplace.

We respect each other and enjoy working in buildo precisely because there is respect.

We are responsible for the work that has been done by another colleague as we trust this person.

Flexibility and freedom

We allow ourselves to be free as long as our freedom doesn't harm someone else. We have a very high level of autonomy and don't believe in micromanagement.

We are committed to paying attention to the solution, not the fault. If there is a problem, we care about the problem and not who caused it. This is a great source of freedom.

We feel responsible, and we want to be responsible. Things are not imposed from above and we have freedom to take initiative and make problems our own.

Improvement and growth

We continuously improve our stack and processes, seeking new exciting challenges with an experimental approach.

We constantly grow and improve ourselves thanks to discussions and welcoming different points of view in making decisions.

We are committed to leading by example, proactively helping each other and asking for help: we believe this is the right way to improve teams’ behaviors.

Happiness and Community

We strive for our team's happiness and all of the people who work with us.

Customer happiness can be a product of our happiness.

We create happiness through community also: we listen to each other, celebrate each other, and promote and participate in group activities that bring us together.

Quality and work

We’re proud of our technical achievements and we’re not ashamed of showing our code and design to others.

The maintainability cost of our software projects grows less exponentially. Touching old code and design is not a terrible mess.

We are responsible for the quality of our work toward our customers. We always try to make our job the best choice for the customer.

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