We carefully select a small set of proven technologies to develop all our applications.
We use Scala for our backend development, and React for web UIs, which are reliable and scalable technologies for large applications.

All our web applications are cloud first, and we specialize in AWS, the Amazon cloud platform. We also deploy on-premise solutions for our enterprise customers.

React, AWS, Scala and TypeScript logos
is a JavaScript library to develop UI components that provides several key advantages:

Designed for composition and reuse, it's the first framework to really succeed in making components reusable and scalable in complex applications

Optimized for performance, it does not waste resources by re-rendering parts of the page that have not changed

Makes it easier to scale the team, both in managing he overall complexity of the app and in facilitating simultaneous work of many developers at once.
is a functional programming language built for the enterprise.

It is a modern and expressive language, which allows functional programming and provides type safety, so as to increase the reliability of the code.

Also, it runs on the Java Virtual Machine and can be extended with Java libraries and code.
is an open-source programming language developed by Microsoft.

It is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript.
As its motto "JavaScript that scales" says, it is meant to make JavaScript suitable for large and complex applications.

TypeScript offers support for the latest and evolving JavaScript features, produces JavaScript that runs on every browser or JavaScript engine, allows to incorporate existing JavaScript libraries and can easily be integrated with React.
We deploy most of our apps on AWS, the leading provider of cloud infrastructure.

Thanks to its flexibility, we can deploy new servers, add a new database or increase your storage in minutes, making sure you always pay for the resources you actually need.

We use Terraform to describe our cloud infrastructure as code, version it on GitHub, and create reusable modules so that we can bootstrap a new project even faster.
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