Company culture

The company was born in 2013 in Milan from a group of Italian computer engineers, who met each other in Chicago during their masters' studies.

Our culture

Our culture is made up of many pieces that complement and improve each other. Each person in buildo contributes to building and evolving it.

Below we have represented a small part of our culture but which is certainly significant.

Place to build, Place to do, Place to be

We believe that providing people with the right tools and resources contributes to a good employee experience and to best expresses people’s potential.

We're deeply invested in our tools of choice, and we're on the frontline in building and fostering their communities. Your team is welcome here to share our spaces and experience.

Working Environment

Our offices are designed to enable continuous learning and motivate designers and engineers to get the best from themselves. We constantly use workshops and controlled experiments to push our limits further and improve our company and skills.

Our offices are great

We constantly invest, among other things, in technology and equipment of our offices, which we use daily to achieve our goals.

A place to learn and share

Working at buildo means being in constant contact with the tech community, continually learning and sharing what we've learned. That’s why we organize community events such as the Scala meetup and others.

Moments to share and to have fun

Every year the entire buildo team goes on an "offsite", a week of work and team building abroad. We also participate in many “fun” and team building initiatives to foster our sense of belonging and enjoy our journey in buildo.

We have a great remote working policy that was built with our people to match their needs and to create both remote and in presence moments.

Our offsites

For us, the yearly offsite is a moment to create and strengthen relationships, to collaborate and contaminate each other, and a space to get to know the person and the colleague. We organize also a two days offsite in winter.


We have a dedicated budget that we can use independently to do fun team building activities such as VR laser games, karting, cooking classes and much more.

Remote Working

We work at least 1 day per week at the office for the “project day”, in which all the people of a project’s team meet in presence. There are other moments during which we meet at the office all together. Learn more here.

Our team and organization

The team is essential for us. Surrounding ourselves with the right people and working well together is invaluable. We always work in teams, share choices and facilitate the contribution of each person.

Slices of buildo

“Slices of buildo” is the name for our internal governance system. The main idea is that (almost) everything falls under a thematic area ("role"), which will have its own "owner”. Everyone in buildo can test themselves in roles other than their job and thus contribute to corporate life.

Continuously Improving

We live and breathe to continuously improve everything we do - from our tech stack to what we eat for lunch, from the latest design tool to how we manage a project. Moving doesn't mean chaotic as we believe in deliberate experimentation.

No body rental

We feel that body rental does not best express the way we like to work. In buildo there is, and is strong, the concept of belonging, feeling part of a team of organized people at all times, having a direction and a purpose.

We care about process

We like to use an engineering approach to define processes, follow them with precision, and continuously improve them to maximize our effectiveness and express our work philosophy, thanks to defined governance.

A buildoer work experience

We build a good work experience for all our people daily, and we are committed to having high personal growth and well-being standards. We want to build a collaborative and relaxed environment respecting people's work-life balance and we value knowledge sharing, mentoring, shadowing, and free exploration time.

Solving hard problems

If you like building products that solve challenging business problems, you've found your ideal place. Software is only part of the story. We are a focused team that takes care of products from the initial definition of the product to the production deployment.

Be involved for real

We are a flat company and Everyone in buildo is involved in taking decisions. We have time planned to improve internal company processes and how we deliver projects.

Personal growth & wellbeing

Peoples’ growth can count on a freely accessible learning budget, learning courses and conferences, continuous 360° feedback, a coaching service and collaborative planning on projects. We can use a paid personal training 1 hour a week during working hours in our office gym.

Join us

Be part of our innovative team of passionate engineers and designers.