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Building Jelled Teams in Software Development
Building a team is a complex process. In this article, we will explore some of the essential principles that have inspired us at Buildo to develop our unique approach to building an effective software development team.
Making of Bento DS: An Interview With Gabriele Petronella
With years of experience in developing design systems, in buildo we're proud to have developed Bento, our cutting-edge white-label design system that helps businesses streamline their design process and create beautiful, consistent user experiences.
Build a Tailor-Made Design System in Seconds
Design systems are becoming increasingly popular as more companies discover the benefits of having a standardized and streamlined approach to design and development. For this reason, introducing a design system can be a game-changer for any company's digital presence.
Is Your Design System Really a Design System?
In this blog post, we will provide our definition of a design system and address some of the common misconceptions surrounding this topic. We hope to help you answer the question "Is your design system really a design system?"
Old But Gold: Our Medium Articles Collection
Read a selection of our older articles about technology, management, and company culture on Medium.